Divas Helping Divas

slide1Dignity for Divas is a non-profit* organization that provides daily hygiene items to homeless women. Together with a team of Diva volunteers, Founder Nikki Gane hits the streets of Seattle, handing out purple bags of hope. Inside the bags are daily essentials: soap, deodorant, toothpaste and tooth brush, hair products…even socks, earrings, perfume and coats. We do this to remind homeless women of who they used to be and who they can still become.

The organization began after Nikki became homeless. After struggling through her own personal experience, she pulled herself up and got back into the working world securing a job, apartment, and friends … a real life. Today her life’s goal is to inspire other women to end the homelessness cycle.

In the beginning,  many Diva Duty shifts took place during the day. But once Dignity for Divas partnered with the Seattle Police, the Divas were able to reach even more women where they need it the most. 

Today, Dignity for Divas is expanding its reach, hoping to assist women throughout the Northwest and eventually, nation-wide.



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