Mother’s Day Event at Mercy House: So Thankful

Dignity for Divas had the opportunity to host our first mothers Day Event at Mercy House transitional home. This was such an amazing experience to spend time with mothers who were so excited to be pampered and touched up.

I have been reflecting on that experience and just being so thankful that we had a chance to bring all of these mothers together to take pictures and enjoy each other’s company.

These mothers were treated to makeovers, goodie bags and snacks; while their children enjoyed their time in our mini-movie theater where they watched movies, ate popcorn and saw mom get gorgeous.

It was amazing to see the transformations occurring and I will never forget the smiles on their faces. It was an outward transformation that reflected inward — amazing.

It is so important as women to spend time pampering yourself. I know things get busy but our inner Diva needs to feel special whenever given a chance. A lot of the time we are either maintaining our lives, forgetting our lives, or putting our lives back together…So much work to do, so much to focus on, that we forget about our inner Diva that needs to know she still “got it!” Even I forget to take care of me from time to time. This event sparked my inner Diva and I will never let that flame become dim again.

Spend some time with yourself if you can, have a facial do your nails…lock the bathroom door and have a long, hot bath, read a book, just connect to yourself for a while to hear your thoughts. They could be telling you something you need to hear.

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MANY THANKS TO: Panera Bread 2BU Beauty Michelle Taul, Photographer (for these gorgeous images!)
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A Work of Art

I wanted to share with you the wonderful experience I encountered attending the First Thursday Art Walk at Studio F on April 4, 2013. Our resident photographer, Michelle Taul, displayed various pictures from Diva Duty. It was a great way to connect with several patrons and discuss the needs of the many displaced women in our community.

michelle_nikkiAfter a while, I encountered a young couple that caught my eye. As they looked around, I found myself walking towards them to engage in a conversation. If anyone knows me they know I will strike up a conversation with anyone :0)

I started tallking to the young man and was silenced when he began to speak. In a weird way he reminded me alot of “Sam.” If you read my last blog, you remember me talking about my aquaintence who lives in a park near my house. What reminded me of Sam in this young man was the freedom in his eyes, the wonder in his voice. The excitement of the whole world being in front of him.

As I continued with our conversation, I thought back to when I was 23 and experiencing life in all its glory , “straight no chaser,” I found myself giving him the advice I wished someone would have given me when I was his age. He looked at me with such intensity that I knew he was getting what I was telling him.

It’s funny about life. Sam, me  and this young man. In life, we all love to feel the wind blowing …the free feeling it gives us, the way it seems to move everything and everyone around us. I told him to enjoy the wind but not to get lost in it, keep one toe on the ground to ensure not getting carried away in its swift current called life. I told him, ” I remember flying through the wind and letting it take me to all corners of life.” I told him that when you get older, and wiser, you can still enjoy the wind, like a flower planted in good soil. You can feel the wind blow through your hair, feel it on your face but not loose yourself in it.

As I thought more about this young man, I thought about Sam.  Sam is teaching me more about myself everyday…more about life. Always embrace lessons, no matter who the teacher we all have more to learn than what we know.

— Nikki

The Whisper

I wanted to share with you the wonderful experience I had…….the other day something led me to a park near my house.  Normally I ignore the urge but I have been allowing the universe to lead me, to follow my gut feelings. I heard on Oprah’s next chapter about listening to “the whisper” and I have to say… it is very true.

So I walked to the park and allowed myself to enjoy all the nature around me. I noticed on my walk a familiar face, Sam. I was so excited to see him and could not move fast enough to get to him. Sam is homeless but in alot of ways he has more than a lot of people that I know.Dignity for Divas Founder, Nikki GaneHe is such a peaceful man and so humble. I stopped and talked to him and was so thankful that he remembered me. I asked him if there was anything that he needed and he said “No, I just wanted to come out and enjoy this beautiful sunset.” He had such a peace about him, I could have sat with him for hours.

I needed to see him, to know he was OK. I wished so much to give him everything I thought he needed, but he actually gave me everything I needed.

God is everywhere, in everything and in everyone. I love what life is teaching me and and so thankful for the experiences the universe is gracing me with…I wonder who I will meet today  :0)

Your blessings are seeking you out, allow them to find you.

Local High School Students Donate 1,200 Items to Homeless Women

When Mount Rainer High School teacher, Kari Robins, heard about a local non-profit group, Dignity for Divas, she told her students. Robins was surprised the next day when her students told her that they wanted to have a “Diva Drive,” where they – with the support of other grades – would gather daily toiletry items to be given to homeless women. They established a Facebook page, put together a presentation about Dignity for Divas and went class to class presenting it, and spoke to families and community members. A month later, the students had gathered more than 1,200 personal hygiene items to fill Diva Survival kits – exceeding their goal of 500 items.

“I saw a piece about Dignity for Divas on the news and immediately thought it was a great idea,” says Robins. “I think it’s important to teach my kids about giving back and, when they suggested doing this, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to do something, instead of just talk about something.”

When the students gathered 200 items, Robins reached out to Dignity for Divas Founder, Nikki Gane. “We were thrilled to hear that the students wanted to get involved,” said Gane. “And when they said they had 1,200 items, I was blown away.”

ImageNinth grader, Jasmine Flores was excited to help. “Although I have done volunteer work in the past, I felt that Dignity for Divas drive was far more personal and diverse. We, as students, have planned this whole drive out; taking time from our own schedules to make the lives of homeless women in Seattle better. I have enjoyed the opportunity to help these women. I love the way that we’ve used our time to creatively spread the word and get donations from students, staff, and even people outside of the school.”

To support donation efforts, Nikki Gane spoke at Mt. Rainer High School on March 19, addressing the students about giving back, opening your heart, and not judging the homeless people they walk past on the street.

After speaking to the students, this is what Nikki wrote:

Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel. I am so overwhelmed with all of the support from the students and Staff at Mt Rainier High School. I am so happy to know that there are still great teachers out there that care about their students and their community. When I received the news that Mt Rainier was doing a Diva Drive I was so thankful. When I arrived at the school, I was completely taken by surprise by the tables full of donations they collected.

What an awesome group of Students!!  It was such a blessing to share with you my story and tell them a bit about my life. I am forever grateful for the time and energy the Staff, Students and the Student Advisory put towards generated such a successful drive.  

Yours Truly,
Nikki Gane

A Note from our founder, Nikki Gane

Dignity for Divas Founder, Nikki Gane

Dignity for Divas Founder, Nikki Gane

Dignity for Divas has changed my life in more ways than I could ever express.

Thinking back on all of the ordeals that I have faced and decisions that have lead me down dark paths. I am at peace that it has all led me to this chapter in my life. I am so thankful for all of the continued support and on going love.

Recently I was honored at the WOC (Women of Color) empowerment luncheon. This was so special to me. It was the first time I have been recognized for doing something in my life.  To be recognized for doing something that your heart has led you to do is beyond words.

I am so thankful for all of the community leaders that I had a chance to interact with and actually build a new bridge.

I want you all to know that everyday is a new day.

I have finally found my purpose and appreciate all of your support and love.

– Nikki