The Whisper

I wanted to share with you the wonderful experience I had…….the other day something led me to a park near my house.  Normally I ignore the urge but I have been allowing the universe to lead me, to follow my gut feelings. I heard on Oprah’s next chapter about listening to “the whisper” and I have to say… it is very true.

So I walked to the park and allowed myself to enjoy all the nature around me. I noticed on my walk a familiar face, Sam. I was so excited to see him and could not move fast enough to get to him. Sam is homeless but in alot of ways he has more than a lot of people that I know.Dignity for Divas Founder, Nikki GaneHe is such a peaceful man and so humble. I stopped and talked to him and was so thankful that he remembered me. I asked him if there was anything that he needed and he said “No, I just wanted to come out and enjoy this beautiful sunset.” He had such a peace about him, I could have sat with him for hours.

I needed to see him, to know he was OK. I wished so much to give him everything I thought he needed, but he actually gave me everything I needed.

God is everywhere, in everything and in everyone. I love what life is teaching me and and so thankful for the experiences the universe is gracing me with…I wonder who I will meet today  :0)

Your blessings are seeking you out, allow them to find you.